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Shape Planet Website!

2016-08-13 17:11:05 by MadKow1



Shape Planet is Coming Soon!

2016-07-23 22:15:12 by MadKow1

I have been learning to make comics by drawing them now! Shape Planet is on it's way to Newgrounds! :) 

                                                   Coming to Newgrounds July 25th!


The new dog's name will be reveal in "The Office Pet Part 2" 

                                       Coming To Newgrounds July 25th


The Office Pet Pt 1 Teaser

2016-07-17 00:32:01 by MadKow1

The office will be getting a new pet! And it will have 2 parts to it!

                                         Coming to Newgrounds July 21st


Beach Trip!!

2016-07-07 21:30:50 by MadKow1

So, the comic is out! Check it out! So, on Friday, I'm leaving to go to the beach! So, I mught make a comic where the workers are at the beach. But, the idea may be changed! Stay Tuned! And check out the comics!

"The Day Off" Teaser!!

2016-07-04 14:51:33 by MadKow1

So, my brithday is today and now I'm working on a new comic! It's where the workers go out on there day off!

                                              Coming to Newgrounds July 7th


No more comics! (For a few days)

2016-06-30 13:45:40 by MadKow1

So, the "Rob's Dad" comic has been released. I'm gonna be busy this weekend and on the 4th of July (which is my birthday) and the next comic will be coming the week of the 4th. Don't know when, but i'll tease it over the weekend!

-MadKow :)

Rob's Dad Teaser

2016-06-26 21:39:50 by MadKow1

This is a small teaser for the new "Micro Office" comic. It's about Rob's father. Enjoy this little strip! :)

                                            Coming to Newgrounds June 30th

              5639729_146699150633_RobsDadteaser.png :)

1st Issue of Micro Office is out!

2016-06-25 13:07:18 by MadKow1

This is the start of the new web comic 'Micro Office" there will be more to come! Here it is:


Micro Office!!

2016-06-24 13:23:37 by MadKow1

Micro Office is a new comic series made by me! This comic will be daily. It will be a "Comedy" comic.